The town of Llanes is located in the east of Asturias and It's considered the most traditional tourist area of the Princedom.

      The environment, with its wild nature and ideal temperatures throughout all the year, invites, increasingly, to visit the area with the intention of resting the mind.

      Its 30 white sandy beaches, Sierra del Cuera (1,315 m. Turbina Peak) running parallel to the coast just 4 km away, the Monumental Historic Area, the spectacular Paseo de San Pedro on the cliffs, Typical fiestas, its cider ... Llanes preserves, the whole essence of Asturias.

      CASA LA PORTILLA is located in the quiet district La Portilla, just 800 meters from the center of Llanes, by footway completely flat and paved, running along the Carrocedo River.

      This is an old Asturian house restored in 2008, retaining the original Asturian typology exterior and interior has been built with avant-garde design and materials.

      Given its special location is the ideal place to spend a few days rest, away from the bustle of downtown while still being able Llanes breakfast on a terrace, buy a newspaper, drink a "culin" of cider or go over the entire town without using the car.

Official Tourist Accommodation # CA.AS.1318

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